Building a Better Angular 2 Dev Environment using Visual Studio and TypeScript

Sidney Andrews

Session: Angular 2 has dramatically changed the way Angular applications are built and this requires you to rethink the way you build Angular applications. When creating our Angular 2 course on (, the Microsoft authoring team decided very early that we will teach the course using Yeoman generators and Visual Studio Code so that it is open to everyone. In this talk, we are going to talk about some of the things learned while this course was built and how you can use Visual Studio Code to manage your NPM packages, debug your application using lite-server, compile your TypeScript code, customize your environment to hide generated JS files, run Yeoman generators and even run Grunt/Gulp tasks all directly in the IDE. We are also going to look at a "template" Angular 2 application that takes advantage of many of these features to give us a developer experience we normally expect from a much more robust IDE. By time we are done, you will be able to run the Yeoman generator yourself on a clean install of Visual Studio Code and get started developing Angular 2 applications today.

Bio: Sidney Andrews is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Azure MVP with SeeSharpRun.NET. He has a background in ASP.NET web development along with extensive experience developing applications using XAML. Sidney has driven efforts to develop and deliver Azure readiness training through channels such as the Ignite Conference, Microsoft Virtual Academy, Microsoft Official Courseware, internal Microsoft training and even public whitepapers. Sidney is the author of multiple free, online courses on XAML, Cloud and Web development on Sidney also leads efforts to open-source traditional classroom training for Azure using GitHub. Sidney's classes on edX: Sidney's talks on Channel 9:

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