Hey Cortana, what are Reactive Extensions for .NET?

David Driscoll

Session: In this talk we will dive into the Rx.NET library. Reactive Extensions allows you to observe events, as if they were collections, and then react to the ever changing stream of events. In addition, Microsoft’s Cortana is powered by Rx.NET, to allow developers to observe the world. In this talk we will discuss the fundamentals of Rx.NET. • What are Reactive Extensions? • What is an Observable? • What is an Observer? • Linq for events?? All these questions and more will be answered! So come observe how Rx.NET might help you.

Bio: Web Developer, .NET Developer, Father (of 3 oh my!), Husband, work-a-holic. I work on OmniSharp (http://omnisharp.net ) and OmniSharp for Atom Editor

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